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Angels Sky Stories 
~ 安琪軒小故事 ~


Colored, Black and White, All in Angels Sky!  
Our business includes: Education, Production and Publishing (Films, Books, Music and Games), Art Activities, Sales (Arts, Fashion, Books, Films, Music and Crafts), Fashion Design and Manufacturing, Art Examinations and Competitions Organizing, etc..   

She is a girl with long long stories. She used to express her feelings through creating artworks. Words are hard to tell her sweets and sorrows. When you see her works, you will enter the dream world in her heart. Her stories are there... 
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我們的業務包括: 教學、製作及出版(電影、書籍、音樂及遊戲)、藝術活動、零售(藝術、時裝、書籍、影片、音樂及手作)、時装設計及生産、文化藝術類考試及比賽策劃等。

一個心𥚃藏著萬千心事的女子, 籍著創作來表達...... 她的甜酸苦辣一言難盡, 細細品嘗她的作品, 就會漸漸進入她內心深處的夢想世界, 小故事就在這兒......


Notice Board 公告欄

《安祖的平行世界》 劉安琪編導 
邪惡黑心病毒令他們在畢業禮上分開了,學校都成為了網校。經過十年的自我隔離,安祖非常開心地扔掉了自己的口罩! 他給一見鍾情的夢中女孩雲兒寫了一首長詩⋯⋯ 相會後,安祖和雲兒開始環遊世界,他們不只是環遊他們的世界,而是不同的世界。慾望林、貓樂園、素食世界等都成為他們所歷之地。安祖期望藉着這些行程可以帶來雲兒和他更好的關係⋯⋯ 有時他和雲兒一起旅行,有時他獨自旅行,有時和他的寵物貓小黑一起去。
Andrew animation DVDs are for sale most Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2:30pm to 6:00pm at Albergue Square, St.Lazarus District Macao! For people in other countries, you can search Andrew on Etsy and Amazon! 

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2021《安祖的平行世界3: 夢之國無界限》入選非主流電影國際電影節, 英國
2021《安祖的平行世界》系列入選非主流電影國際電影節, 英國

2021《安祖的平行世界3: 夢之國無界限》獲得第四維獨立電影節提名奬,印度尼西亞
2021《安祖的平行世界》系列入選倫敦獨立電影節, 英國
2020 《安祖的平行世界2: 所謂的現實世界 那一個澳門》獲得第四維獨立電影節提名奬,印度尼西亞
2020《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》獲得升空影展提名奬,美國
2020《安祖的平行世界前身故事:愛是盲目》,《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》及《安祖的平行世界2: 所謂的現實世界 那一個澳門》入選大阪第21屆在線視頻公共論壇,日本
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》入選凱撒爾電影獎,印度
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》贏得荷里活電影大賽最佳動畫金獎,美國
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》入選荷里活電影大賽,美國
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》入選蒙特利爾動畫節,加拿大
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》及《安祖的平行世界前身故事:愛是盲目》入圍彈起電影節總決賽,美國
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》贏得洛杉磯電影節最佳短片鑽石奬,美國
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》入選羅馬棱鏡電影獎,意大利
2020 《安祖的平行世界1: 平行世界的慾望林》入選洛杉磯電影節,美國
“Andrew’s Parallel Worlds” by Angela Lao 
Evilvirus separated them after the graduation show... Every school became online-school. After ten years of self-quarantine, Andrew was very happy to release his mask and wrote a long poetry-letter to his dream girl Cloudamanleia. After they met again, they started to go world-travel. They even traveled to many other worlds, like Desireland, Catland, Veggie Planet, etc.. He hoped that he could have a good relationship with Cloud through their journeys... Sometimes he travels with Cloud, sometimes he travels alone, sometimes he travels with his pet, the black cat named Black. 
Andrew's Awards: 
2021 “None Quarantined in Dreamland", Cult Movies International Film Festival Official Selection, United Kingdom
2021 "Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, Cult Movies International Film Festival Official Selection, United Kingdom
2021 "Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, Lift-Off Sessions Official Selection, United Kingdom​
2021 "Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, London International Monthly Film Festival Finalist, United Kingdom

2021 "Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, New Wave Short Film Festival Finalist, Germany
2021"Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, Lulea International Film Festival Finalist, Sweden
2021 "Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift Official Selection, Canada
2021 "Andrew's Parallel Worlds" Series, New Wave Short Film Festival Official Selection, Germany
2021 “None Quarantined in Dreamland", 4th Dimension independent Film Festival Nominee, Bali, Indonesia

2021 “Andrew’s Parallel Worlds” Series, London Indie Short Film Festival Official Selection, United Kingdom
2021 “Andrew’s Parallel Worlds” Series, Lift-Off Online Sessions Official Selection, United Kingdom
2020 “So-Called Reality -Macao”, 4th Dimension independent Film Festival Nominee, Bali, Indonesia
2020 “Desireland, Multiverse”, BlastOff Nominee, United States
2020 "Love is Blind", "Desireland, Multiverse" and "So-Called Reality", 21st Video Public Forum Online, Osaka, Japan
2020 “Desireland, Multiverse”, Kesari Movie Awards Official Selection, India
2020 "Desireland, Multiverse", Hollywood Film Competition Best Short Film Gold Award, United States
2020 "Desireland, Multiverse", Hollywood Film Competition Official Selection, United States
2020 "Desireland, Multiverse", The Montreal International Animation Film Festival Official Selection, Canada 2020 "Love is Blind" and "Desireland, Multiverse", FlickFair Finalist, United States
2020 “Desireland, Multiverse”, LA Shorts Awards Best Short Film Diamond Award, United States
2020 “Desireland, Multiverse”, Rome Prisma Film Awards Official Selection, Italy
2020 “Desireland, Multiverse”, LA Shorts Awards official selection, United States


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