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Multi-Award Winning Film
"CaCa: Tell You Jokes! "
Angel lives in a small city, Macau.
Catcat is her motivation to study,
to work and to dream.
They meet different people with funny stories.
Love and sorrow are linking everyone
in this century of networks.
CaCa: Tell You Jokes! is a series of
funny true stories.
Director Angela Lao used to mark down

funny jokes she meets in real life.
Some are her own experiences
and some are from her families and friends.
They are telling funny social issues
and love stories.
By using cut-outs editing skills
with meaningful storyline,
this series is attracted to both kids and adults.
Audiences laugh while watching
the characters' motions.
CaCa really makes people happy all the time.

Angels Sky Stories

Come to Angels Sky, you can fly up high!

She is a girl with long long stories. She used to express her feelings through creating artworks. Words are hard to tell her sweets and sorrows. When you watched her works, you will enter the dream world in her heart. Her stories are there...