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Angels Sky Stories 安琪軒小故事

Colored, Black and White, All in Angels Sky!  
Our business includes: Education, Publishing (Films, Books, Music and Games), Art Activities, Sales (Arts, Fashion, Books, Films, Music and Crafts), etc..   

She is a girl with long long stories. She used to express her feelings through creating artworks. Words are hard to tell her sweets and sorrows. When you watched her works, you will enter the dream world in her heart. Her stories are there... 
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我們的業務包括: 教學、出版(電影、書籍、音樂及遊戲)、藝術活動、零售(藝術、時裝、書籍、影片、音樂及手作)等。

一個心𥚃藏著萬千心事的女子, 籍著創作來表達...... 她的甜酸苦辣一言難盡, 細細品嘗她的作品, 就會漸漸進入她內心深處的夢想世界, 小故事就在這兒......


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