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Angels Sky Stories 安琪軒小故事

Colored, Black and White, All in Angels Sky!  
Our business includes: Education, Publishing (Films, Books, Music and Games), Art Activities, Sales (Arts, Fashion, Books, Films, Music and Crafts), etc..   

She is a girl with long long stories. She used to express her feelings through creating artworks. Words are hard to tell her sweets and sorrows. When you watched her works, you will enter the dream world in her heart. Her stories are there... 
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我們的業務包括: 教學、出版(電影、書籍、音樂及遊戲)、藝術活動、零售(藝術、時裝、書籍、影片、音樂及手作)等。

一個心𥚃藏著萬千心事的女子, 籍著創作來表達...... 她的甜酸苦辣一言難盡, 細細品嘗她的作品, 就會漸漸進入她內心深處的夢想世界, 小故事就在這兒......


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If you like my works, please click the ads as a mark for me. Thank you! 



If you like my works, please click the ads as a mark for me. Thank you! 



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English Poems Region: 

I remember... 

by Angela Lao 

Lots of centuries had passed... 
Do you remember anything at last? 
I don't mean all must be true, 
but there're truths in some parts... 

I remember that we kissed, 
I remember your every class... 
I remember that we swam, 
I remember your silky mask... 

How can you forgot? 
Or am I too imaginative in this task? 
Where do those memories come from? 
Are they what I had created when my mind flew fast? 

I remember that we baked strawberry pies, 
I remember the only night with moon and stars... 
I remember that you left, 
I remember the pink silky sea behind our lovely yard...

Not because of Oscar 🏆
by Angela Lao 

Once in my dream, we were in California. 
We flew from here and joined the Oscar. 
We had our trophy from Los Angeles. 
We had our lovely story comedy CaCa. 
When was this dream? 
It was in the future. 
A future that is near but also far. 

Once in my mind, we were famous stars. 
We acted our story and won the Oscar. 
We had interviews from all the reporters. 
We had a big supper with lots of pizzas. 
When did I think of this? 
It was whenever. 
Whenever you are in my heart. 

Once in my prayers, I wished you were here. 
You loved me not because of winning Oscar. 
You held my hand not only on the red carpet. 
You loved me not only because of insomnia. 
Where will this prayer come true? 
It will happen anywhere. 
Wherever you loved me and my love is also there.



Centuries Anniversary 

by Angela Lao 

When is our anniversary? I can never remember it. 
Is it first of February? I don't want to always repeat. 
Centuries. It had been lots of centuries since we missed. 
I can never remember the date of our anniversary for first meet... 

Was I your roommate before nine centuries? 
Were you my master when it has passed seven centuries? 
Were we British that we were in the same school in eighteenth century? 
Were you my classmate in last century? 

Centuries Anniversary, I can only say it's our trips. 
Trips from skies to world, enter and leave... 
Centuries stories, you loved me and it's our heartbeats. 
Whenever we have heartbeats, our journeys seek. 

I hurt you or you hurt me, let's forget and forgive. 
Repeat our love stories till the end of centuries...

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Adorable Capricorn 

by Angela Lao 

Sagitta says, "Capricorn, I love you, it's the truth." 

Sagitta's arrows shoot, shoot and shoot... 
She loved Libra but he got a messy mood. 
She loved Aries but Aries isn't good. 
Sagitta finally loved Capricorn and she starts her shoot. 

A queue will ever be constant. Sagitta's arrows are in front. 
Libra's in front then how to solve this loop? 
Sagitta says, "Capricorn, I'm impatient. I don't want to be a fool." 

Capricorn's shy, Capricorn's cool. Something she likes but she doesn't want to. 
She can chase but she can't shoot. She loves Sagitta but she doesn't need to. 

Gemini's disappointed. She hopes Sagitta could be happier. 
Leo's sad. He missed a best friend funny Sagitta. 
Miserable Capricorn, why is there a sad tattoo? 
Are those stars helping and linking Sagitta and you?

You aren't mine 
by Angela Lao 

You are kind. You're nice. You aren't mine. 
You're beautiful. You're attractive, but you aren't mine. 
You loved me. You were mine, but now you aren't. 
I have been crying for two days but still you aren't mine. 

I can never forget. I can never give up. 
I can never regret. I can never break you up. 
Because I remember. 
I remembered every of your single word. 
I remembered our every second spent together. 
Our memories worth me to wait for another thousand years. 

You upgraded but you aren't mine. 
You are now a star but you aren't mine. 
We are very similar but you aren't mine. 
When in the future that you could be mine?

Dear Someone... 

Do you know how sad I am? 
Do you know how much I want to give up? 
I am not giving you up, 
I want to give myself up... 

Whenever I read your messages from your fake accounts, 
I can feel your love to me. 
But whenever you denied everything you did, 
I feel like the world is empty... 

Can you do following to what you think? 
Can you not trying to be cantankerous? 
I want the real us. 
The loved real us. 

Whatever you wish to let's discuss? 
Don't only playing mind games which are meaningless... 
Whatever you do please don't hurt me. 
I am the only one waiting you forever...

Can't you love me? 
Any reasons that you can't? 
The saddest thing is losing you. 
How my life will be? 
Eternity is what I want. 
Rings with diamonds are what I have. 
In my heart I just miss you. 
Not any fake nor nonsense thoughts. 
Any reasons you want to tell? 

Loving me is really that strange? 
Even you don't think so, 
I know you are feeling this way. 

I am waiting for you... 

Long as time. 
Old as age. 
Very deep, 
Even deeper than the sea... 

You are the best for me. 
Oh, you really... 
Unique love is what I wish... 

Flooded city can never sink my love. 
Obsession is something I have. 
Remember your every word... 
Every smile... 
Voice of you can never be forgotten... 
Even tone and key... 
Really, oh really...

Never To Be Forgotten 

by Angela Lao 

I always remember my college life a decade ago. It was happy. It was beautiful. 

I liked chatting with my teachers. I wanted to be friends with them. The happiest friendships were built during that time. 

Friendships between teachers and a student aren't strong. It breaks because of lies. It breaks because of angers. However, how weak this friendship is will never fade our memories. 

I love my teachers, but I'm not sure what they think. I think I'm respectful but it might not be the right way they think it should be. I wanted to be their pal. I wanted to be their best friend. I wanted to play with them after their classes. I wanted to join their group trips to visit the overseas' art. 

Do graduations break such friendships? There is at least a little influence. I loved to be their friends doesn't mean I loved to be a teacher. Different occupations finally separates different people. 

Do I wish to fulfill my dreams or do I want to keep my best friends? It is still a question in my mind. 

Dear college teachers, you were with me for the longest period I have except of my family. It's because I have been studying there for the longest time than any other schools. I can't ever forget you. 

I wished. I pray. In my next life. Almost twenty people of us could be in one class. A class of best friends. Studying the same course, in a better World.

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Chinese Poems Region: 

《月神下凡》 劉安琪


《雨夜盼虹》 劉安琪


《痴心意懾》 劉安琪


《一別千旬》 劉安琪








《念無休止》 劉安琪 



《愁》 劉安琪 

醉意難消痛 情愁萬世牽 
雙心雖掛念 會面卻從前 



If you like my works, please click the ads as a mark for me. Thank you! 



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